Monday, April 14, 2014

April / May Gigs 2014

-April 19th @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn
8pm-11pm, $10
>Radio Shock
>Sunk Heaven 
>Michael Foster / Leila Bordreuil Duo
>Tamio Shiraishi

-April 20th @ Don Pedro's, Brooklyn
doors at 7:30pm, I'm up first
>Andrew Barker Trio feat. myself & James Ilgenfritz
>Prana Bindu
>Sonic Suicide Squad
>Queen Elephantine

-April 23rd @ ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn
8pm, $15
>duo w/ Leila Bordreuil
>Chris Pitsiokos / Tim Dahl / Jason Nazary

April 26th @ JACK, Brooklyn
8pm, $12
3rd>duo w/ Leila Bordreuil
2nd>Ryan McGuire Solo Double Bass (of Ehnahre)
1st>Michael Evans / Susan Hefner: Domestic Noise

April 27th @ Pier 94, NYC (52nd st @ 12th ave)
1:30pm, Free
>Daro Behroozi
>James Brandon Lewis / Dominic Fragman
>Michael Foster / Ben Gerstein / Flin van Hemmen
>Patricia Parker

-April 29th @ JACK, Brooklyn
doors 8pm, $10
>Carlo Costa Quartet (Steve Swell, Jonathan Moritz, Sean Ali)
>Andrew Barker Trio (Michael Foster, James Ilgenfritz)

-April 30th @ iBeam, Brooklyn
8pm, $15?
>Carlo Costa Solo 
>Patrick Breiner/Jesse Stacken Duo
>MF|ME+SS (myself, Michael Evans, and Steve Swell)

-May 1st @ Quinn's, Beacon, NY
>Michael Foster / Andrew Barker Duo 
>James Keepnews Duo

-May 3rd @ Trinity House, West Philadelphia, PA
Fire House Museum presents....
>Michael Foster / Andrew Barker Duo
>Flandrew Fleisenberg
>Tony Douglas

-May 4rd @ CD Cellar, Washington DC
>Michael Foster / Andrew Barker Duo
>TrioOOO (Luke Stewart, Aaron Martin Jr, Sam Lohman)

-May 5th @ Clemente Soto Velez/Arts For Arts
>Orchestra Dave feat. Dave Sewelson, Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez, Yoni Kretzmer, myself, and many others.

-May 10th @ JACK
8pm, $12
>Yoni Kretzmer Group
>William Hooker Trio RED w/ Matt Lavelle & Mark Hennen

-May 12th @ Clemente Soto Velez/Arts For Arts
>Orchestra Dave feat. Dave Sewelson, Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez, Yoni Kretzmer, myself, and many others.

-May 13th @ Friends & Lovers, Brooklyn
>Barker Trio (Foster, Barker, James Ilgenfritz) 

-May 29th @ The Living Gallery, Brooklyn
doors at 8pm, $10
>Michael Foster / Ben Gerstein / Sean Ali / Flin van Hemmen Quartet
>Leila Bordreuil / Eli Keszler Duo
>James Brandon Lewis / Dominic Fragman Duo

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