Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Album: Duo with Ted Byrnes (percussion)

Just recorded a really fucking weird and GOOD album with the amazing percussionist, Ted Byrnes, in Pasadena. I'll have copies soon for sale. If you're interested shoot me an email.

-Michael Foster - tenor saxophone/clarinet, amplified objects
-Ted Byrnes - percussion, acoustic objects

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


***Sunday July 8th: ABC No Rio, 7pm

Michael Foster - saxophones & percussion
Eric Silberberg - bass/violin/percussion
Gene Janas - bass
Marc Edwards - drums

*** Friday July 13th: Freedom Garden, 294 Troutman St., BK.. 9pm?

Joe Merolla's Den Svarta Fanan

Michael Foster - saxophones
Joe Merolla - cello
Leila Bordreuil - cello
Weasel Walter - drums

***Monday July 30th: Zebulon, Brooklyn, 9pm?
I'll be sitting in with the collective HARMONIZE MOST HIGH which features, among others, the talents of...

Daniel Carter - saxes, clarinet, trumpet, flute
Michael Lucio Sternbach - alto sax, strings, misc
Michael Foster - reeds, tapes, percussion
Robert Ryan - strings, percussion

and others!