Sunday, February 23, 2014

Upcoming Shows for March/April (as of 3/20/14)

-April 6th @ ABC No Rio, NYC
>Trio with Sean Ali (prepared bass)
Javier Areal Velez (prepared guitar from Argentina)<

-April 13th @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn
>duo with Tristan Shepherd (turntables/electronics)
>Public Speaking
>Insect Factory

-April 19th @ Silent Barn, brooklyn
>Radio Shock
>Sunk Heaven 
>Michael Foster / Leila Bordreuil Duo
>Tamio Shiraishi

-April 20th @ Don Pedro's, Brooklyn
>Andrew Barker Trio feat. myself & James Ilgenfritz
>Prana Bindu
>Sonic Suicide Squad
>Queen Elephantine

-April 23rd @ ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn???
>duo w/ Leila Bordreuil

April 26th @ JACK, Brooklyn
>duo w/ Leila Bordreuil
>Ryan McGuire Solo Double Bass (of Ehnahre)
>Michael Evans / Susan Hefner: Domestic Noise

-April 29th @ JACK, Brooklyn
>Carlo Costa Quartet (Steve Swell, Jonathan Moritz, Sean Ali)
>Andrew Barker Trio (Michael Foster, James Ilgenfritz)

-April 30th @ iBeam, Brooklyn
>Carlo Costa Solo 
>Patrick Breiner/Jesse Stacken Duo
>MF|ME+SS (myself, Michael Evans, and Steve Swell)

some recordings to look out for coming soon...
*Andrew Barker Trio record (feat. Myself on tenor/soprano/sopranino saxes, Tim Dahl on double bass, and Andrew Barker on drums)
*first duo record of myself and Leila Bordreuil's long-running electro-acoustic sax/cello duo
*first and last record by See Something Say Something feat. myself on tenor/baritone saxes & percussion, Eric Silberberg on bass/violin, Gene Janas on bass, and Marc Edwards on drums & percussion
*record with the tentatively-titled "Whisper Corridors" feat. myself, Nate Wooley, David Grubbs, Shahin Motia, Kid Millions, Rick Moody, Richard Hoffman, and Brad Truax

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